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Other Services

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We Deliver Exceptional XR Solutions.


A whole new world of possibilities to students with memorable and immersive experiences using Metaverse.


We are blending in the most modern techniques and fascinating possibilities of Metaverse in healthcare.

Training & Simulation

We bring you a high-end virtual interactive training experience for creating an efficient workforce with simulation

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We Make Big Ideas Happen.


The power of XR is connecting people in a single platform. We secure effective communication among individuals in a Virtual world where they can share and transfer their output.

VR/AR Game Development

We encourage creating games in a virtual world where players can build contents, own them and monetize their gaming experience.

XR Multiplayer Integration

We help the individuals to interact and share their ideas and experiences virtually as if they are in the same room.

Metaverse Marketplace

User-friendly virtual platform for your shopping which brings values to the shopping experience of consumers in replacing traditional mode of shopping with XR