04 MARCH 2021

Poster Presentation at ABAI(Association for Behavior Analysis International)

Embright Infotech has been selected for poster presentation in the 21st Annual Autism Conference hosted by ABAI(Association for Behavior Analysis International). ABAI is a professional association of psychologists, educators, and practitioners whose scholarship and practice derive from the work of B.F Skinner. ABAI organizes conferences in the U.S. and abroad, publishes journals, and offers accreditation programs for behavior analysis training programs. As of March 2021, ABAI has 97 regional associate chapters both in the United States and abroad, many of which offer their own annual conferences.As of 2019, ABAI had over 9,000 members and membership in its affiliate chapters was greater than 28,000. The poster is on the Use of XR based Assistive technology for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The poster puts across the feasibility and effectiveness of using a high tech AT tool, Auticare, an XR-AI tool which has ABA based Virtual reality therapy modules for skill training of individuals on the ASD. The participants of the study were administered VR therapy using Auticare for 6 months along with traditional modes of therapies. The pre and post scores, before and after the administration of VR therapy was documented using standardised scales like ISAA(Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism) and COPM( Canadian Occupational Performance Measure). There was a considerable improvement in the post scores, after the administration of VR therapy using Auticare for 6 months. The areas where skills were improved include the social, cognitive, selfcare, language and communication, vocational, behavioral, and motor skills. The study concluded that VR therapy using Auticare was a successful medium in aiding the overall skill development in a safe environment for individuals in the neurodiverse background. The AI cloud platform in Auticare also enables behaviour prediction overtime. Embright Infotech is an Affiliate member of ABAI and has all the benefits of the membership which includes access to conferences being held, Accreditation programs, eligibility to apply for the SABA(Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis ) grand and access to six peer reviewed journals of ABAI. Embright Infotech has also received the certificate of membership and poster presentation from ABAI.