02 APRIL 2021

Embright Infotech selected for the “Startup Exploration Program” hosted by IIT Mandi

Embright Infotech is a technology based company mentored by Kerala Startup Mission, IIMK Live, IIT Kanpur & NASSCOM has been selected for IIT Mandi. IIT Mandi hosts 'Startup Exploration Program' to help innovators convert ideas into a viable business. Embright Infotech provides high-quality virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality experiences, tech consultation, and reliable IoT services. Embright Infotech is led by Mr Sathyanarayanan, (Founder & CEO) and Mr Bobin Chandra (Co-founder) . IIT Mandi is the pre-incubation platform for companies, where they train on essentials of entrepreneurship, working with mentors and faculty, and also to make use of physical and financial support of Catalyst, incubation center at Mandi IIT. The Startup Exploration Programme helps the startups to convert their ideas into viable businesses. During this program, the participants can work with mentors,and utilize the physical and financial support of Catalyst with an objective of building a working prototype and testing it for market potential. IIT Mandi was Launched in 2016, a very own technology-business incubator Catalyst is the first Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in Himachal Pradesh. It aims to incubate technology-based startups focused on economic and/or social impacts. Catalyst is supported by the Department of Science and Technology, GoI, HP State Government and Vishal Bharat Comnet. Embright Infotech Pvt.Ltd specializes in four major areas like digital health, mind and wellness, education and marketing. Auticare is our digital health platform which is a XR-AI assistive technology platform for Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, neuro developmental disorders and special education. It helps users improve socio-cognitive,self-care ,behavioural skills and facilitates special education through virtual reality therapy under the supervision of therapists. Auticare ensures fun, safe, affordable, immersive and productive skill training in a socially non-threatening platform. Embright has also launched its new virtual reality home based therapy platform Autilite, emphasising overall development along with parental involvement and support and thus empowering individuals on the Autism Spectrum to be independent. Embright also has developed a global teletherapy platform, which offers individual tele consultation by connecting organisations and professionals to support individuals on the ASD. For Mind and Wellness Embright infotech has launched Mindcare XR promoting mind wellness by leveraging XR technology. For Education and skill development the company has launched Eduoskus XR which helps to manage virtual classes efficiently and also assist them in tracking student activity and performance. It helps to develop and deliver engaging video contents using augmented reality (AR) for a better interaction. It aids in overall classroom management virtually. EduoskusXR helps students to develop critical problem solving skills. It offers more diversified learning opportunities for audio-visual learners, kinesthetic learners and learners who learn more by reading. XR event is another platform with a A stunning, user-friendly virtual event environment with innovative technology. Online communication with real event experience, irrespective of participant's count. Seamless integration of components into a self-contained conference similar to a physical exhibition center. The platform is highly flexible, scalable and customization of design. Embright Infotech has added advantages being one among the 'Startup Exploration Program by IIT Mandi. Successful completion of this program opens the door for a one-year Incubation Program in which Catalyst provides upto Rs 15 Lakhs seed fund using which startups are expected to further improve their product and commercialize. Catalyst supports startups and also provides financial support by HP State Government. The support includes Rs 25000 per month sustenance allowance and Rs 10 Lakhs for marketing and commercialization.