03 FEBRUARY 2021

Embright Infotech in 13th Batch of JioGenNext Base Camp

Embright Infotech is a technology based company mentored by Kerala Startup Mission, IIMK Live, IIT Kanpur & NASSCOM has been selected for the 13th batch of JioGenNext base camp. Embright Infotech supplies businesses with high-quality virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality experiences, technical consultation, and robust IoT services. This firm is headed by Mr Sathyanarayanan AR, CEO and Mr Bobin Chandra, the Co Founder. JioGenNext is a startup accelerator backed by Reliance Industries which advises and mentors exceptional founders for launching their startup in the Jio ecosystem. With expertise across retail, supply chain, enterprise and digital tools, healthtech and agritech, 11 startups have been selected for the 13th batch of JioGenNext Basecamp - one of the longest running accelerator programmes in the country. Being one among the 11 startups selected for the JioGenNext, Embright Infotech specialises in developing Auticare - a XR-AI assistive technology platform for Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, neuro developmental disorders and special education. It helps users improve socio-cognitive,self-care ,behavioural skills and facilitates special education through virtual reality therapy under the supervision of therapists. Auticare ensures fun, safe, affordable, immersive and productive skill training in a socially non-threatening platform. Embright has also launched its new virtual reality home based therapy platform Autilite, emphasising overall development along with parental involvement and support and thus empowering individuals on the Autism Spectrum to be independent. Embright also has developed a global teletherapy platform, which offers individual tele consultation by connecting organisations and professionals to support individuals on the ASD. Mind care XR is another platform, promoting mind wellness by leveraging XR technology. Embright Infotech has added advantages being one among the startups of the 13th batch of JioGenNext base camp which includes workshops / sessions with Business Leaders, Mentors and Industry Partners and many more in terms of technology, investment, and hardware support. In terms of Product / Technology Embright Infotech gets support in terms of AI@Jio, UI/UX, Product Roadmap and Cloud. The GTM strategy includes Traction and Metrics, Reputation Management, PR and Digital Media Strategy, GTM through Jio and through Industry Partners. Information on Building a startup, Founder’s Discipline and Innovation strategy for startups. JioGenNext also helps in Fundraising : Pitch-prep, Business Plan, Understanding Fund-raising from a Strategic Investments and VC perspective and Legal documentation and compliances. Embright Infotech also has participated in the Big Demo Day which includes a Live pitch to RIL/Jio ecosystem and investor-partners.