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How VR Is Helping Industry During The Pandemic?

How VR Is Helping Industry During The Pandemic?

During these pandemic times, virtual reality (VR) offers a legit option to video calls, and those that adopt it could well decide to keep up virtual communication as a long term strategy. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of the medium is its ability to cause individuals to feel like they’re in the same space together, without the requirement for travel, and better utilization of time and budget plans. These virtual environments can be intended for optimal comfort, productivity, and creativity.

A video call is better than a conventional call. However, VR still has points of interest over video conferencing because the members are in the same virtual space. Accordingly, one can share and work together in real-time in a collaborative manner. One can import custom environment and 3D items, and also can work together through intuitive whiteboards. Members can likewise visit simulations to improve the procedure and record the content. An extra advantage of VR is that all distractions are expelled and individuals can be completely focused on what’s going on around them.

MeetinVR claims that there is a 25% increase in attention span when meeting in VR compared with video conferencing. Moreover, research recommends to hold more data and can better apply what we learned after taking an interest in VR.

Virtual reality is leaping its way in with different industries. For example, in the real estate sector a VR is used to induce customers to make the purchase i.e., customers are shown a simulation of selected rooms on their phone so it seems to them that they’re in the room and experiencing the space and view from it. This helps agents to rent or make a sale of properties at the expense of VR solutions, giving services at home to users.

Another VR solution is the inspection of a COVID-19 affected patient; it’s been found by the researcher that the virus is attacking severely the elderly. Through VR doctors/surgeons can inspect the lung tissue being affected/damaged by the virus and how it is causing harm. Other than older people, people with less immunity or any chronic health diseases are also vulnerable to this virus.

Further it could be said that many youngsters are arrogant to follow these lockdown/ social distancing terms and think they are invincible to not catch any viruses, for them VR can play a role of being a medium to their outdoor reality. A concert, sports game, clubs, schools, workplace, or as simple as being at a peaceful place to meditate.

Augmented reality (AR) can help people to visualize everything in the room they are present in. For example, a meeting of the board of directors can be done by AR glasses which allows everyone to view each other as a hologram and experience as a real meeting is taking place at their convenience.

Not only VR solutions but different technologies are used to cure this pandemic situation. China has introduced Patrol robots, AI glasses, Drones, Facial recognition cameras, AR glasses through which anyone can know if the other has a fever or not. Programmed to detect heat signatures and also recognize the face on which masks are on and whatnot, despite this the patrol robots are placed at airports and hospitals to detect potential threats of the virus. These robots investigate through its cameras to detect fever and also stop by any potential threat and ask citizens to sanitize or wear masks for prevention.

Doctors and nurses- the front row of diagnostics and treatment, are more susceptible to the threat but with VR-based diagnostics, one doesn’t need to be with the patient until required. VR technology soon can also enable a substantial number of them to effectively work from their homes, instead of having to travel to work daily and thereby reducing their levels of risk. Challenging times should bring out the best in us and with a little nudge from Technology as always, will make the right calls soon and overcome this latest challenge to its existence for a better tomorrow.

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